April 22, 2016

Podcast: “Ancestor” Episode 2, by Scott Sigler

Podcast: “Ancestor” Episode 2, by Scott Sigler

800xAfter that completely daft beginning, you’re probably getting real curious to see why this wacko Chinese genetic engineer is allowed to walk around without a strait jacket on. And you would be right to wonder.

If we left you hanging last week, it’s because we didn’t mention something pretty important at the end of the blurb, so here’s the whole thing for you to, ahem, chew on:

There’s just one problem: these ancestors turn out not to be the docile herd animals Colding’s team envisioned. Instead, Colding’s work has given birth to something big, something evil.


Scott goes on: Galina Porischova has a clandestine meeting with Paul Fischer. She wants to blow the whistle on Genada’s research. We begin to see exactly how far Genada is willing to go to protect their profits.

So get set to see – well, hear – this story heat up in Episode 2.

Please click on the arrow below to listen to Episode 2 of “Ancestor.” 


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