August 21, 2018

PictureStories with Grant Kreinberg

PictureStories with Grant Kreinberg

After a four-year absence, Grant Kreinberg returns to the Fictional Café with some new photographs for which he, Sarah and Jack have written prose and poetry captions. We hope your imagination flies, as did ours, and you enjoy the mood-setting provided by Grant’s images and our impressions.

“Port Costa Doll”

I gasped as the angel appeared, seemingly from the golden mist that arose from the apothecaries. At first glance I thought she seemed a puppet, but she moved in ways that said she was not. She shimmered, and I was aroused but then ashamed, for I was certain she was only a child. Then I saw the words, “A charming surprise,” and I wondered.



“Who Said What?”

He said . . . she said . . . the eternal misunderstanding.



“All Four Feet Off the Ground”

The divorce is final. He’s finally gone and I’m free, I’m free.




“It’s a mirage,” I said. “A trick of light, like an aurora.”

“No,” it’s not,” she said. “It’s as real as you or me.”

“It’s too cold for a pond,” I replied. “Look at the snow.”

“It’s a sign,” she said. “Signs aren’t always what you perceive. They’re messages. This is a message to us to step into the water, to take our relationship into commitment. Give me your hand.”

I did, and I said, “But if it truly is a pond, what if it’s too deep?”



“Gone But Not Forgotten”

After the family moved away,

The daughter said, “Mommy,

Where is my teddy bear?”

She cried and cried.

The toy was strong.

Through wind and rain,

Blazing day and blistering night.

They drove all the way back.

The father rescued it from its bitter end,

Snatched from the guillotine,

Its head semi-detached, the memory of the daughter leaking out.



Engineering has been my career; photography has been my passion. I received my first camera when I was twelve and have had one close by ever since. There are days I head out specifically to photograph a subject, but have also found that some of my best shots are because something caught my eye. The photos shared with you here are representative of some of my different photographic interests.

I am currently a member of both the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma and the Artist’s Collaborative Gallery in Old Sacramento. My work has been exhibited in over a dozen galleries throughout Northern California and has been included in the KVIE Public Television auctions. I have also been an exhibitor at the California State Fair’s Photography and Fine Art Photography exhibits. I am a member and former director of the Sierra Camera Club in Sacramento and the Marin Photography Club.






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