October 2, 2017

It’s October Already? Some Really Big News!

It’s October Already? Some Really Big News!

Whoa, what happened to those lazy, crazy days of summer? Or “Indian Summer,” that Fall event that it’s politically incorrect to be called? They just flew by, and here we are, us New Englanders, bracing for a cold, snowy winter. But at least we still have a glimmer of hope for a colorful leaf-turning October and, of course, Halloween.

So with those thoughts in mind, we plan to bring you some season-changing creativity month. We baristas are trying to select works we’ve received that link in on an October-y theme without resorting to outright horror, ghosts, spooks and trick-or-treating. We’ll get you something new each week in fiction, poetry, art, podcasts, and – NEW!- video. If you want to pumpkin-up your java before you sit down with our offerings, by all means do so!


The REALLY BIG NEWS is, the Fictional Cafe Anthology Contest has launched! We’ll keep you updated for each new contest every two days as it proceeds. YOU ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to read the competing stories and vote for your favorite works. Each pair of contestants is only up for reading/voting for 48 hours, so get on down there! Here’s the link where you can view and vote on the first round:

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell all of Facebook and Twitter. Two authors enter, but only one author leaves!
(Well, really, both leave. And the winner still has a shot at the title. But that doesn’t sound nearly as awesome.)

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