April 28, 2023

“Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective, Troubles with Teamwork” by R.L. Fink

“Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective, Troubles with Teamwork” by R.L. Fink

I’m not allowed to toot my horn all the time, but this announcement seems worth a little fanfare. Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective, which is featured from time to time on this site, has taken the GOLD at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards!!

Mickie McKinney is no longer Maple Ridge Middle School’s one and only private detective. Now there is a certain blonde by the name of Sam Hayes to share the office with, and the cases, who keeps giving away the candy! So when Angus McDermitt hires Mickie to help him ask Kailani Groom to the school dance, Mickie sees it as an opportunity to work one last solo case. Too bad for him, Kailani is the girl of his dreams.

Chapter 1: The New Partner

Mickie is learning to deal with someone else in the office.

Chapter 2: Field Work

Mickie runs into his dream girl, literally.

Chapter 3: Kailani meets Sam

Sam gets her first client.

Readers Favorite says, “Hannah Edelson’s narration is smooth to the ear. She emphasizes the conversation between the characters in a way that pushes every other aspect of this audiobook into the background. If the objective is to make the story immersive it certainly does that. The best part of this aspect of the audiobook for me is the uniqueness of each of the characters she voices. It goes beyond their conversations to the slightest of inflections in their tone when expressing their moods. Beautiful work.

If you want to hear the rest of this award-winning book, you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Libro.fm. And if this family-friendly book isn’t to your liking, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We update our posts every other Friday, 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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