June 29, 2016

Lost or Found? July Submissions

Lost or Found? July Submissions

Searching. We are all looking for something in life. It may be as small as a lost object from our youth or as large as our place in the world. In 1987, U2’s Bono proclaimed that despite searching the world over, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” His single-minded focus to find that which eludes him took him to the ends of the earth. Such is the nature of desire and the power of the human will.

But sometimes, in the absence of looking, we discover treasures as well. Earlier this year, I found what I wasn’t looking for and was tracked down by a creature I didn’t realize was following me (stay tuned for details).

What do you search for? What drives you to glance under slippery rocks and peer around dark corners? Our members have a few things to say about that. So without further ado, here’s what we have coming up this month in our Member Writing and Art section.

Our first submission comes from Judith R. Robinson. Her short story, entitled “Boston” will send chills down your spine for more reasons than one. Bundle up with this story about a girl out of her element, trying to find her comfort zone.

Next up, we have the work of Phil Demise Smith. We looked around his website and found that he’s something of a creative jack of all trades. So we decided to put up some of his art, music and writing. Indulge your senses and see, hear and speak his work. Maybe you can help him on his quest to find life on earth. This is our first time posting music on the Fictional Café!

For our second short story of the month, we have Dennis Vannatta’s gripping narrative about the intimate interactions between people right after the death of a loved one. Listen in, as they search for closure.

We have more art on the way as well. Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord uses the natural world as her medium for creating sculptures that house her Spirit Books. See what her wandering treasure hunts have unearthed.

Amidst an abundant month of submissions (and firsts), we have another first. This one is our first video submission and comes from Natalie Rodriguez. Her short film tackles some heavy issues that face many teens and adults today, as the two characters find a connection in an unlikely place.

Last, but not least, we have our monthly podcast series from Jack. For July, he’ll be bringing us some more Podiobooks podcasts, so stay tuned for those each Friday starting July 15th.

Thank you for reading along. We hope that whatever you’re searching for, you find some of it here in our July Submissions.


— Your Baristas


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