August 3, 2021

Kimberly Brooks — Paintings from History

Kimberly Brooks — Paintings from History

Artist’s Statement:
I work in series, diving into subjects from many different angles of observation, history, and memory.

Kimberly Brooks
Burnt Sienna 2
The Banquet

I strive for a result that descends from the clouds in my mind like lightning to the earth, to light a night sky or occasionally set a tree on fire.

Kimberly Brooks
Castle Grounds

Kimberly Brooks
Blue Drawing Room 2

I painted for years in my head before I ever held a brush. 

Janie Bryant

Technicolor Summer

So I have therefore been painting all my life.  And as a way of speaking, it suits me. 

Kimberly Brooks
The Soho House
Canon Drive

The first time I showed my work so many years ago, I felt so exposed, I blushed. 

Kimberly Brooks
Rachel Zoe Closeup 22

Sophia Loren of Mill Valley

I paint both abstract and realistically, always hovering in between, in search of something new.

Hot Faucet

Kimberly Brooks
Yosemite River


Kimberly Brooks

Kimberly Brooks is an American artist and author of The New Oil Painting (Chronicle Books). She is known for her portraits and landscapes in series addressing identity and memory (“Mom’s Friends,” “The Stylist Project,” “I Notice People Disappear”). Her paintings have been exhibited and featured internationally. Her recent exhibition, “New Abstractions,” is a result of an investigation capturing the essence of painting for the cover of her recent book. Brooks conducts workshops at institutions online via her acclaimed artist program. She also hosts a monthly Artist Forum. For more information on exhibitions, visit her website.

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  • Jana Cook says:

    really beautiful work.
    I understand her painting in her mind before she actually painted.
    (I feel that way about most things!) sometimes the reality doesn’t come or if it does it’s …nothing like the dream.
    In this artist’s case, I would say she must have had some mind blowing dreams because her tangible results are gorgeous.
    Reminds me of Hockney, California, Katz, herself .

    • Mike Rochester says:

      Thanks for checking out Kimberly’s work! She is a really talented artist. We were very happy to feature an artist of her caliber on the site.

  • Jack says:

    Charming, graceful, sensuous, lovely use of color and brushstroke. Blush no more.

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