May 27, 2023

Staying Safe Is Not A Random Act

Staying Safe Is Not A Random Act

Barista Jason Brick’s New Book About Family Safety

We are constantly reminding others to stay safe, but it took our own Jason Brick to put some weight behind the idea with his work and his new book, Safest Family on the Block: 101 Tips, Tricks, Habits, and Hacks to Protect Your Family at Home, at School, and in the World.

Just published, it’s already a #1 best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. We’re starting Memorial Day weekend which is perennially a three-day accident waiting to happen. We cannot be too careful on bikes, in cars, swimming, barbequeing – anything, really.

In this book, author Jason distills his knowledge into important, simple tips any parent can use to protect their loved ones at home, at school, at work, and abroad . . . all delivered in his high-information, low-fear, approachable style – and voice, which makes his YouTube show so successful. The tips are divided into 10 chapters, each focused on one aspect of home and family safety:

  • Golden Rules of Safety
  • Online Safety
  • Family Communication
  • Car and Driving Safety
  • Fire and Accidents
  • School Safety
  • Travel Safety
  • Relationships & Dating
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Crime Prevention

You’ll finish this book safer, better informed, and more confident as a protector and a parent. “It’s a must-read for every parent and families in our increasingly dangerous world,” says Jason, himself a parent. Grab a copy on Amazon, print or Kindle. I think you’ll prefer paper because at 500 pages this is a reference book you’ll want to put on your bookshelf beside Dr. Spock. Then you’ll want to tune in to Jason’s YouTube channel for more information.

Jason Brick has been a martial artist for 40 years, a journalist for 14, and a father for what feels like several hundred. He has taught self-defense on three continents, coached a high school karate team in Japan, and hosts the award-winning “Safest Family on the Block” podcast.

He has written or edited over 100 books, and has been featured in venues like Black Belt Magazine,, American Express Open Forum, Thrillist, and The Writer. He speaks internationally about self-defense, parenting, and the business of writing professionally.

When not practicing fatherhood, journalism, or martial arts he enjoys tabletop role-playing games, cooking, and travel. He lives in Oregon.

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