January 10, 2016

Jasmine Stirling’s Continent-Hopping Photography

Jasmine Stirling’s Continent-Hopping Photography

Editor’s Note: Recently, we were contacted by Jasmine Stirling with an invitation to view her new photography website. We loved what we saw – in particular her use of space, light, color and social commentary. There’s shadow-play from above, a shoeless shoe-peddler, some Hitchcockian birds, striking facades, bold tones and a tongue-in-cheek wind sock. Please enjoy these photographs, taken from coast to coast and across the globe.

* * *

The first six photos are from the “Order” series, the next four are from the “Color” series and the final photo is from the “Take a Bite” series. Our featured image is from the “Africa” series.

 2011Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620090002Take a bite Manhattan2009DSC_0014

2010Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620120007Take a bite Manhattan20121-DSC_06042

2006Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620090008Take a bite Manhattan2009230-DSC_0271

2003Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620070004Take a bite Manhattan2007164-IMG_0422

2004Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620110006Take a bite Manhattan2011035-DSC_0450

2009Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620120012Take a bite Manhattan2012111-DSC_0482

2005Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620130006Color series20135-DSC_2594

2002Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620120004Color series2012134-DSC_0293

2001Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620100001Color series20101-IMG_3362

2000Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620070007Color series20074-IMG_0615

2007Fictional Cafe J Stirling Jan 201620070101take a bite2007153-IMG_0280

* * *

Jasmine Stirling has been an obsessive photographer since she was a kid shooting blurry shots of the woods, her feet, and a stranger’s dog with her plastic kodak camera.

It is a meditative practice, play, the bringing together of art and life – as in a good essay, a beautiful meal or an artful documentary.  A way in which to dive more deeply into everyday experience.

Jasmine has studied formally under fine art and commercial photographers, recently as well as in the days when the work required darkrooms and lightboxes, and has shown her work in the US and Japan.

She is also an author, filmmaker and education reformer. You can find more of her work here.

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