February 11, 2018

Introducing Steve Sangapore, FC’s New Visual Arts Barista

Introducing Steve Sangapore, FC’s New Visual Arts Barista

We’re incredibly proud to introduce Steve Sangapore, our new visual arts barista. Steve is a contemporary surrealist painter based in Boston, MA. He is a 2013 graduate of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT, where he earned a dual-B.A. in studio art and graphic design. His interest in science and philosophy has been the driving force behind much of his latest work. His incredibly unique, awe-inspired view on those topics has led his paintings to be exhibited nationally and published in art magazines and journals, including Art Business News, Creative Quarterly, Artscope, and  Art Reveal Magazine. You can see how widely his art has been on public view at his website About page.

Several of  Steve’s works appear beneath his Artist’s Statement. We’re looking forward to him introducing new artists and perspectives on the visual arts to you, our Coffee Club members.

Artist’s Statement:

“My work addresses the human condition: the universal experience that transcends human-centric concepts such as religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, and economic class. Through my work I attempt to bring our natural state of unknowing and our curiosity about existence to the forefront of the viewer’s mind, to remind them of the immaculate complexity of being alive.

“The style of my work is a contemporary take on the surrealist approach, infused with scientific and philosophical elements. Displaying a disciplined technique and great attention to detail, the stylistic quality and execution of my paintings is illustrative, hard-edged, and calculated. While my work is traditional oil and acrylic painting on canvas, I fuse painting and sculpture by creating three- dimensional, sculpture-like surfaces composed of several small canvases adhered together. The final result complements the style and subject, and creates an interactive piece that the viewer can navigate around.

“Addressing humankind’s deepest questions, the work illuminates our perpetual state of unknowing and insatiable curiosity for what we experience as life and reality. There is one thing we do know: we owe it to ourselves as individuals and as a species to explore the fountain of life and enjoy our brief and ever-fleeting moment in the sun. Repugnant would be a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of its fleeting time here.”

Above: Occam’s Razor Angle

Sensorium Angle


Steve has been experimenting with portraiture, as in this surrealist representation of the artist Peter Paul Rubens (Belgian; 1577-1640).

You can see more of Steve’s art at his website, including his latest interest in painting his original designs on Virtuality skateboard decks. More coming on this!

Welcome, Steve!

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