February 7, 2018

Introducing Ruby Fink, FC’s New Audio Arts Barista

Introducing Ruby Fink, FC’s New Audio Arts Barista

You’ve heard me rave about how wonderful podcasts and audiobooks are for years. Now it is with great pleasure I present Ruby Fink, a kindred spirit and very talented audio producer, as our new Audio Arts Barista.

I met Ruby under the most auspicious of circumstances: She had joined FC and submitted some episodes from “Mickie McKinney, Boy Detective,” a very funny and entertaining podcast which she wrote, directed and produced with a host of actors playing different roles. It was like listening to the old-time radio dramas, but better!

She studied Film Production at Chapman University’s Dodge College, taking a minor in Narrative and Dramatic Literature. She fell in love with audio shows while finishing her senior year and began writing and creating her own Mickie McKinney podcast with the help of a MacBook, professional audio editing software, and a bunch of microphones. Since then, she has enjoyed bringing her cast of 15 talented actor-friends together to create new audio adventures, such as “The Secret of Cyberspace Farm.”

Ruby and I were invited to present a workshop at the Willamette Writer’s Conference last August, which was our first opportunity to meet in person. After working with her on my novellas and presenting together at the conference, I was convinced she had to become my go-to person for producing all my future novels. We’re already at work on the forthcoming third Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers novel,  Anarchy.

When Ruby isn’t barista-ing for Fictional Cafe, she’s reading, writing, watching cartoons or ballroom dancing. Please welcome her to our FC Coffee Shop, and be sure to visit her website to hear more of her audio arts!


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