April 16, 2024

Introducing PS Conway, Poetry Writer-in-Residence

Introducing PS Conway, Poetry Writer-in-Residence

We are excited to announce our third Poet-in-Residence, PS Conway! He is a prolific writer who posts his poems on his website, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). Last year, we invited him to submit his poems to The Fictional Café. We enjoyed them so much; we nominated him for a Pushcart Prize. 

His poetry collection, Echoes Lost in Stars: Poems by PS Conway, was published in March. It is his first solo publication and hit Amazon No.1 Top New Release three times in its first three weeks of release. He was also kind enough to give us a few poems from his book, which you can read down below.

Please join us in wishing PS a successful residency! 

A Note from PS:

I am so humbled to become a member of the talented Fictional Café family. There is something incredibly validating in being chosen.  And I do not take this honor lightly. Over the next two years, I hope to not only offer the intimacy of self-expression through my own poetry, but also help discover other poetic talent seeking an audience to communicate their thoughts and feelings to a wider audience.

sunset autumn forest

i search for you, my love,

in a sunset autumn forest

for i know

in my soul

this is where your spirit resides

here midst fading dappled light

midst soft colors of passing

i hear laughter

faint like a prayer

like the twinkling of a stream

here midst the sloe

of an unknown transmutation

between wood

between heaven

in the quiet, there is love

here midst such fragility

midst such butterfly fluttering

wisps of groundfog

encircle me

and i know my search has ended

Jesus and diabetic candy

not sure at age thirteen

if the irony was yet lost on me

that we ate lamb with mint jelly

every Sunday after mass

my grandparents’ apartment

hosted our clan each week

where we sat on the davenport – not a sofa!

and their candy was for diabetics

it left a sticky taste

of orange baby aspirin in our mouths

later we knew we ate too much of it

hovering o’er cool porcelain

giggling at our wet secret sounds

my grandparents’ apartment

where we arrived filled body and soul

with Jesus Christ

dressed in our Sunday best

to impress the priest or fellow penitents

eyes searching the sun after church

to see if the Son of God

the Lamb of God

was watching through that lambent light

which brings us to the irony

that we had already consumed the lamb at mass

and now we needed to eat it… again?

this platen of dead baby sheep

smothered in mint jelly

with our grandparents crammed ‘round a table

(never the davenport)

while all the while our bellies were already full

with Jesus

and diabetic candy

the birds are all dead

the birds are all dead

the newfound silence of early night

in all its starless mourning

lacks its wonted soundtrack

the world’s left filled with scratchy things

some leaves skittering like insect hordes

‘long the littered boardwalk

the carousel, ochre lit and wobbly,

repeats its tinny din

of dissonant organ dirges

revealing the sunset, stark and ugly,

like a bruise on the face of love

to recall a kiss midst birdsong

where time was lost to un-knowing

a nightingale from a lark

to endure such bliss from dusk ‘til dawn

then watch you take the hand of Keats

and go where i could not follow

could not swallow in the hollow

of a sterile flatline tone

the birds are all dead

and the silence is scurrilous and profane

an obloquy denouncing beauty

in the absence of their joy

time and laundry

in grandma’s attic

she would hang the wash

to dry in winter

midst the whispered wisdoms

earned through loneliness

the creases in her hands

earned from time and laundry

humming sweet songs

soft to herself

awash in apricity

she found peace

dancing cheek to cheek

with grandpa’s ghost

midst the pale sunlight

and dappled dust motes

who still remembered

the continuity of love

You can purchase PS’s book and contact him at: 

Book https://a.co/d/ifjGqzl

Website https://poetrybyps.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PSConwayPoet

Twitter https://twitter.com/ps_conway

IG https://www.instagram.com/ps.conway/ 

Threads https://www.threads.net/@ps.conway

TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@p.s.conway

PS Conway returned to poetry after a long hiatus from writing. Since the beginning of the Covid lockdown, his words have attracted an ardent community of readers, online and in print. A Pushcart Nominee, PS has now published over forty poems across four online literary journals and fifteen poetry anthologies, one of which was an Amazon Best Seller. Echoes Lost in Stars, his first poetry book of exclusively his own work, hit No.1 Top New Release on Amazon three times in its first two weeks. He also serves as the 2024-25 Poet-in-Residence for the online literary journal, The Fictional Café.  PS finds fascination in language birthed from dark, literate, and emotive places. In his free time, he fancies himself a rockstar, jamming on his drum kit, and a wannabe sommelier, savoring succulent red wines with his wife Susan and their two amazing adult daughters.

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