April 19, 2024

“Hot Copy” by Hot Copy Radio Theater

“Hot Copy” by Hot Copy Radio Theater

Hot Copy Radio Theater re-creates lost episodes of the 1940s radio show, “HOT COPY” — all adapted from the original scripts! Hot Copy is an American old-time radio mystery drama. It was broadcast on NBC from October 4, 1941, until September 26, 1942, and on NBC-Blue from July 18, 1943, until November 19, 1944. It was also carried on stations in Canada.

The program’s two-man characters were Anne Rogers and Sergeant Flannigan. Rogers went beyond her profession of being a syndicated newspaper reporter and columnist to investigate crimes, including murders and wartime espionage activities. Flannigan, a police detective, often found himself perplexed as Rogers solved crimes and patiently explained her interpretation of clues.

An article in the October 19, 1944, edition of The Jackson Sun commented about Rogers: “Her search for off-the-record stories brings her in contact with priest and gangster, society matron and panhandler, banker and bum — all the colorful figures which are part of the texture of metropolitan America.”

Hot Copy originated in Chicago.

Hot Copy


An old man is found dead, after a mysterious fire destroys a house in a wealthy neighborhood. Was it a simple accident or a sinister murder? Newspaper reporter Anne Rogers believes that the police have it all wrong, and decides to prove it. Tune in, for the whole story!

Adapted from the script of a lost episode of “Hot Copy”.

Original broadcast on Sunday, November 21, 1943.

Hot Copy


Is there a vampire serial killer on the loose in town?

Newspaper reporter Anne Rogers and her assistant Spritely Poole decide to find out the truth.

Adapted from the script of a lost episode of the radio drama “Hot Copy”.

Original broadcast on Sunday, November 28, 1943.


Rhonda Sigler-Ware … Anne Rogers.

Samantha Thompson … Spritely Poole.

Christian Neuhaus … Inspector Collins.

Jerry Kokich … Coroner Armstrong.

Scott Barry … Devons the Butler.

Jeremy Sage … Dr. Arthur Laurentz.

Ryan Sero … Everett Matthews.

Miss Kit Caren … Dolly Willington.

George Worrall … Muldoon the Night Watchman.

Frank Guglielmelli … Mike Kent, newspaper reporter.

Chris Hanson … News photographer

Logan Smith … Announcer.

Jim Goodluck … Producer / Director / Audio Editor.



We hope you enjoyed listening to “Hot Copy” by Hot Copy Radio Theater. If you want to listen to more episodes, check out their website or Apple Podcasts. And if this audio adventure isn’t to your liking, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page for our other content. We have a new show every other week, Friday 7 PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

Hot Copy
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