October 18, 2019

Halloween’s A-Coming, But We’re Starting Tonight!

Halloween’s A-Coming, But We’re Starting Tonight!

We’ve received a number of very cool Halloween drama submissions in anticipation of Halloween, so we decided to give you Coffee Clubbers a twofer! The first is tonight, in our regular Saturday night podcast slot, but the second will be published on October 31, Halloween night.

Tonight’s story is called “Opferung,” from Lightning Bolt Theater: In the town of Earl Grove, there is a legend. No one will talk about it, except for one night, the night of a total lunar eclipse. But is it merely mass hysteria affecting the town or does she exist, this Sorceress of Blood Moon Hill.

“Opferung” was written, directed, produced and stars Krystal Donahue in the roles of Natalie and the Sorceress of Blood Moon Hill.

Hey, this is fun! And don’t forget, there’ll be more podcast fun right here on Halloween night at the Fictional Cafe!

Please click the arrow below to listen to “Opferung.”

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