July 6, 2018

Friday Night Audio Adventure: “Magus Elgar, ” Episode 3 and . . . The Contest!

Friday Night Audio Adventure: “Magus Elgar, ” Episode 3 and . . . The Contest!

Welcome back to “Magus Elgar,” Episode 3! Last week, you had the opportunity to hear an interview with Kennedy Phillips, the show’s creative visionary and producer, and Christopher Moore, the sound design editor. Putting a podcast of this quality and magnitude together is no mean feat. It takes many talented people, and here they all are.

Please click on the arrow below to begin listening to “Magus Elgar,” Episode 3.

And Now, The Contest!

We promised you a contest last week, and here it is. On Monday, July 10, we’ll make a special announcement via email to all 550 of you Fictional Cafe Coffee Club Members, asking a question concerning one of the characters in “Magus Elgar.” You know, like, “How many times was Deadpool killed and came back to life again?”

The winner will receive an advance copy of the complete musical soundtrack for “Magus Elgar”

AND a genuine Fictional Cafe baseball hat!*

So, while you’re waiting for the contest question over the weekend, take the time to listen [again?] to all three episodes so you’ll be ready for the clue. The first correct answer wins!

* Barista not included.

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