June 3, 2014

Flash Gordon, A Radio Classic

Flash-Gordon-and-Dale-150x150 (1)A few weeks ago, we played a re-creation of a classic short story by Stephen Crane, “The Blue Hotel.” What you’re about to hear is another adaptation: an early radio serial, “Flash Gordon.” This is the debut episode from an original – although bootlegged – script, adapted from the original comic book. The radio program debuted on April 27, 1935, with this episode, “Flash Gordon on the Planet Mongo.”

The cast is an ad hoc group of faculty and staff, The Lotsa Luck Players of the Fat Chance Radio Theatre, at the New England Institute of Art, circa 2007. The producer is Larry Miller; the production was directed by Jerry Goodwin. Larry and Jerry created and engineered the sound effects. The music is from Franz Liszt’s “Les Preludes,” a piece used again and again in old time radio dramas, notably “The Lone Ranger.” Jack was fortunate enough to play one of the characters.

The radio serials, 15 minutes long, were broadcast every afternoon, once kids got home from school. If you’re interested in hearing the best re-creation of a day’s broadcasts from old-time radio, check out Radio 1710 Antioch.

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