February 25, 2021

February Edition of “The Break from HOKAIC”

February Edition of “The Break from HOKAIC”


As a freelance writer deep in the trenches, I’m here to present your five facts and five favorites from the month of February, 2021.

Just the facts….

  1. Fiverr.com is a good place to get low-cost cover design services, and a bad place to find competent copy editing.
  2. The pandemic has shifted a lot of genre sales figures, but by now you shouldn’t change any decisions based on that. 
  3. On social media, there is an inverse relationship between how successful a writer is and how mean they act.
  4. If you “don’t have time to write” you actually just prioritize other activities
  5. Martha Wells’s The Murderbot Diaries is really, really fun to read.

Five Favorites…

  1. Social Change in the Publishing Industry
  2. I don’t know if it’s going to be awesome or a train wreck, but I’m really looking forward to this
  3. An interesting music/publishing crossover
  4. A trend I find amusing
  5. You owe it to yourself to watch this video

See you next month everybody. Keep writing!


Jason Brick is the Editorial Consultant Barista here at The Fictional Café. You can find some of his work here.

February Edition
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