April 2, 2017

Faux Fiction Audio: The Cast

Faux Fiction Audio: The Cast

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Our featured podcasts for March were the first four episodes from “Mickie McKinney, Boy Detective.” The show was written, directed and produced by Ruby Fink, who heads up her own audio studio and staff of talented, hard-working performers of Faux Fiction Audio out there on the Left Coast [where else?]. What began for Ruby as something simply fun to do has turned into her passion. What next? She hopes a business, specializing in producing podcasts and audiobooks for authors.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, you can continue listening to Mickie here [we’re up to Episode 5, “Brawn and Brain”], while you wait for Ruby and her cast to get Season Two up. You can also listen to the Mickie podcasts on iTunes [podcasts, store, search “mickie mckinney”].

I lost my own audio staff, two very close friends, last year. Len Mailloux, my narrator, was nursing his flower garden when he was struck with a heart attack. Stephen “Walking Crow” Croft succumbed to cancer. They passed over to the Great Beyond just three weeks apart. Besides being bereft with grief, I found I was unable to find anyone to replace them.

Until I came across Ruby, that is. She had submitted her “Mickie McKinney” podcast series to us baristas here at the Fictional Café, and I was really impressed by the story, the characters, the audio special effects [AFX] and in general the high-quality production values. It didn’t take long for me to ask her if she would be interested in editing the audio narration and adding AFX for my “Brady” novella, which first appeared in serial print form here at the Café and is now a Kindle novella and, thanks to Faux Fiction Audio, will soon be an Audible production.

So without further adieu, here are photos of the Faux Family, as Ruby likes to call them, and a short video if you’d like to see a more lively encounter between several cast members.

First row, left to right: Ruby, Violet, Lucas, LeAnn. Second row: Karl, Hannah, CJ, Lyndsey. Third Row: Nathan, Sam, Brandon, Shaina. Fourth Row: Ruthie, Corey, Kelly, Leon.

Please click here to watch the Faux Fiction Audio cast video.

I have unbounded enthusiasm about working with Ruby and FFA; we’re on to a second project already, a full-fledged production of another of my novellas, which will debut here on FC in the near future.

Click and Clack, the “Car Talk” guys on NPR, call it their “Shameless Commerce Department.” We’ll borrow that phrase to say to any authors out there: Hey, podcasts are the future of books! It’s a new audience segment for your writing and you ought to be serving it. The first day I posted the Audible version of my novel Wild Blue Yonder, three people bought a copy. The very first day! And not my wife or other family members either!!

Contact Ruby to see if she can help you reach out into this powerful and entertaining media for your work.


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