November 2, 2015

Erica Nazzaro’s Technicolor World

Erica Nazzaro’s Technicolor World

Editor’s Note: We met Erica Nazzaro at an art exhibition this fall. Her mixed media watercolor paintings of scenes in the forest and by the water instantly grabbed us because of the way the colors popped and played with each other. We needed to see more.

If you’d like to see more, Erica has two exhibits opening this week and two more next month:

November 7th and 8th at Roslindale Open Studios, 141 Aldrich St. in Roslindale, MA

November 6th-29th in the “Abstracted” exhibition at Uforge Gallery, 767 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, MA with an opening night reception at 6pm November 6th.

December 4th from 6:00-10:00PM: ART 100 BOSTON at Piano Craft Gallery, 793 Tremont St, Boston

December 5th and 6th from 12:00-5:00PM: Pop Up Holiday Shop at Loring Greenough House, 12 South, St. Jamaica Plain, MA


In her own words: “My process is to go into a meditative space as I create.  I try to be a vessel of connection from my environment to the paper integrating myself by weaving in my own feelings as I am painting.”






“When I feel fully immersed by the energy of the place I am painting…it clicks. I feel that I grasp the challenge, by being spontaneous, and curious, I use the accidents as opportunities. I take risks while exploring and creating.”


Ponkapoag Horizon“Ponkapoag Horizon”




“My work is capturing a moment in time that is expressed through colors, lines, and textures.  I strive to express the feeling more than the realistic image of what I see.”


Sydney at Night“Sydney at Night”


Jamaica Pond“Jamaica Pond”


Birch in Snow“Birch in Snow”


Square Headshot (2)Erica Nazzaro is a painter based out of Boston.  She deals with complex landscapes by using simple strokes and unique color choices. Erica combines watercolor, pastel, and ink line work to create mixed media pieces. She has won an artist’s residency in the Dunes of Provincetown, and shown her work in the South End, Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and in Venice, Italy.



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