December 11, 2014

365 Docobites Gets Kickstarted!

Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason



We’re pleased to tell you that Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason, the videographers we featured a few days ago], have met their Kickstarter goal, raising almost $5,000 in just a few days. We would like to think you played a part in this happening. Here’s their message to all of us:

Thank you!

We are thrilled to announce we have reached our initial target of 17K! We want to thank every single person who pledged or shared the campaign with their friends and family as we simply would not have been able to continue sharing these human stories without each and every one of you.

So with 7 days to go, what’s next?

Our Stretch Goal!

We have been keeping in touch with the amazing photographer from Humans Of Amsterdam, Debra, ever since we made a docobite about her and her own storytelling journey in September. We’ve been dreaming of the chance to collaborate, bringing photography, video and storytelling together in a joint project.

This stretch goal is this opportunity for us to team up to share some incredible human stories.

If we can reach this goal, starting in March next year, Humans Of Amsterdam will share 3 portraits a day and we will share 3 docobites, expanding on each human story captured. We will announce the location that we will be sharing these stories from in the coming weeks. This is a chance for the power and importance of storytelling to reach even more curious eyes and ears and we’d love for you to be a part of that.

Anything raised in addition to this 20k will be used to further expand this storytelling initiative.

Thank you!

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