July 4, 2014

Celebrating the Bicycle as The Tour de France Begins

Gregg Rochester is a very successful painter of large canvases depicting nature scenes that are an amalgam of reality and his imagination. People have bought his work in galleries from coast to coast. He lives in Wisconsin and like me, loves to cycle through the farm country where he lives. While out for a ride one afternoon, the idea of painting bicycles struck him. He began buying bicycle parts and building the bikes he would paint upon. The idea was a huge success, and before long he had enough bikes for a gallery showing: Gregg’s “Le Tour d’Art” was born and began exhibiting in a number of  Midwest galleries. He began painting canvases with bicycle themes, too.

“My original concept was to encourage my patrons to use the painted bicycle as a sculptural piece, hanging it on the wall or placing it on a stand,” he says. “The bicycle, since the scene is painted differently on each side – for example ‘Night and Day’ – can be reversed.”  If you’re interested in learning  about his selection of components, click on the “Night and Day” image. It will take you to the website page.

The Tour de France – “Le Tour” – has its “Grande Depart” tomorrow, July 5, in Leeds, England, and to celebrate bicycling’s greatest [and often controversial] event, we are publishing some of brother Gregg’s bicycle art, both bikes and paintings. Please note: his bicycles are not for sale and are only for exhibition in art galleries and bicycle shops. However, Gregg does accept commissions for painting one-of-a-kind bicycles. Herewith a selection of photos; you can see all his work on his new website.


Northern-Lights-Bike-1024x675 (1)

“Northern Lights” by Gregg Rochester


Space-Bike (1)

“Space Bike by Gregg Rochester


SI Exif

“Soar” by Gregg Rochester


Dancing-Close-1005x1024 (1)

“Dancing Close” by Gregg Rochester

The-Reason (1)

“The Reason” by Gregg Rochester


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