January 26, 2024

Bulletproof Pt. 1-3, The Other Stories

Bulletproof Pt. 1-3, The Other Stories

If you could never be killed, how would you use your gift? Saving lives? Making a difference to mankind? Or would you join the Callaghan Brothers Space Circus and entertain the masses by being killed over and over again for your adoring fans?

Immortal Audrey and Elastic girl, Kalinda, must escape from the Callahan Brothers Carnival, but how do you escape a circus in space? Roll up, roll up, we’re going into the abyss.

Bulletproof Audrey awakes from a long bloody slumber and is tasked with bringing down the mastermind behind the space carnival that imprisoned and tortured her. Will she do as she is told, or will she enact the revenge she so desperately needs?

Written by Joanne Askew (https://twitter.com/j_askew_author)

Narrated by Erika Ventura (https://www.facebook.com/bioartsy/)

Edited by Karl Hughes (https://twitter.com/karlhughes)

With music by Andrew kn (https://freesound.org/Andrewkn/)

And Thom Robson (https://www.thomrobsonmusic.com/)

A quick thanks to our community managers, Joshua Boucher and Jasmine Arch

And Carolyn O’Brien for helping with our submission reading.

And to Ben Errington who keeps scoring 300s in the 10-pin bowling game of social media posts.

Science Fiction and Horror writer, Joanne Askew, explores mental health, sexual identity and diversity through her fiction. The deepness and darkness of space is her second home. As an LGBTQIA+ activist, she aims to use her fiction to make the world a better place for the next generation to come out in. Her sci-fi horror novella, Sloth, is out now. www.jaskewauthor.com

Erika Ventura is an artist, mother, narrator, and a husbandry technician. How does she manage it all? No idea, but her artwork can be seen on her Instagram (@efventu) or you can visit her artist page www.facebook.com/BioArtsy

If you’d like to write for The Other Stories, we’re currently open for submissions over at https://theotherstories.net/submissions

If you want to hear more episodes of this award-winning podcast, check out their website and Spotify. And if these audio drama doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We have new episodes every other Friday, 7 PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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