November 12, 2021

Brick Moon Fiction

Brick Moon Fiction

Happy November Fictional Cafe Listeners! To start off the new month we’re posting two podcasts from Brick Moon Fiction! 89.9% by Lauren A. Forry, and The Inherited Planet by Lauren Signorino.

89.9% by Lauren A. Forry

Brick Moon asked a group of writers a while back to give the listeners a look at what they thought the future of romance and dating would be and they got some truly moving stories (remember OpenBook by Sam French?). This one from Lauren A. Forry was no exception and we are 100% confident you’ll be surprised and moved by 89.9%. Enjoy!

Brick Moon Fiction
The Inherited Planet by Lauren Signorino

One of the most rewarding prompts Brick Moon Fiction ever gave their writers. It was a simple one: “The black sheep of the family inherits the matriarch/patriarch’s entire estate after their passing – much to the chagrin of the siblings.” What do we love about this one? Writer Lauren Signorino went big! Dig The Inherited Planet by Lauren Signorino narrated by Nicholas Thurkettle!

We hope that you enjoyed 89.9% and The Inherited Planet. If you wish to hear more stories, feel free to check out Brick Moon Fiction’s website for podcasts and anthologies. And of course, if it isn’t to your taste, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts pages. We post new episodes every other week at 7 PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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