October 6, 2022

Bill Wolak — Digital Collage of Bygone Eras

Bill Wolak — Digital Collage of Bygone Eras

Artist’s Statement
I make collages out of all kinds of materials. 

“Deeper Than the Seeds in Your Eyes”

Most are made out of paper engravings.

Bill Wolak
“Dreaming with Two Hearts”

Many collages are digitally generated or enhanced. 

Bill Wolak
“Begin Where the Sea Is Touched by Fire”

To begin a piece, I select some sources—either color or black and white.

“What the Dream Awakens in Your Smile”

If I’m using magazines or prints or old books, I cut out some images or parts of images that interest me.

“Just within the Reach of Moonlight”

Then I start working on a background or some other sort of chance construction.

“The Last Visit of a Lost Toy”

Much is left to fleeting insights.

Bill Wolak
“The Beggar Remembers Kindness”

These are tiny miracles of inspiration.

“When Eyelashes Ignite”

Depending on whether I’m using scissors and glue or digital images, each collage could take several hours.

“Bite Marks Dissolving in Moonlight”
Bill Wolak
“Just Another Trigger for Dispair”


Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions. His collages have appeared as cover art for such magazines as Phoebe, Harbinger Asylum, Baldhip Magazine, and Barfly Poetry Magazine.

Bill Wolak
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