January 22, 2021

Ben & Sophie: Woby’s Secret – An Audio Adventure

Ben & Sophie: Woby’s Secret – An Audio Adventure

From the desk of Catharina Graf and the dreams of Max Graf comes “Ben & Sophie: Woby’s Secret!”

Two kids, a robot, and a missing professor… join in on this mysteriously funny audio adventure! “Ben and Sophie – Woby’s Secret” is the story of two friends, skilled at investigating all the secrets their world holds. Forced to find entertainment during their summer vacation, Ben and Sophie stumble upon Woby, a very philosophical robot, while walking Max, their dog, in the forest. From the start of their bizarre meeting, finding Woby turns the lamest, most boring summer vacation ever into an exciting adventure!

Ben & Sophie: Woby's Secret
Episode 1: Woby’s Secret

Click to play Episode 1

Ben & Sophie: Woby's Secret
Episode 2 : Open Sesame

Click to play Episode 2

In Episode 2, Ben, Sophie, and Woby discover a secret door in the professor’s lab – and learn a lot about illusions, crocodiles, and how to get robots into vampire costumes.

With cast members:

Ben – Dina Dessner

Sophie – Dana Miller

Woby – Shawn Williams Sr.

Sarah – Madison Brunoehler

Michael – Hilary Fingerman

Sophie’s Mom – Hilary Fingerman

Ben’s Dad – Noah James

The Narrator – Jon Almond

This sweet family-friendly podcast is appropriate for all ages! To see more episodes, click this link.

And remember, don’t change that dial! The Fictional Café’s Audio Arts page will have a new audio adventure, every other week at 7pm Eastern!

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