September 30, 2021

Barbara Potter — Musician Photographer

Barbara Potter — Musician Photographer

Artist’s Statement:
Photographed on a local lake front. I wanted to try a wide-angle lens before purchasing it. I rented a 14-24mm and it did not disappoint! It allowed me to get very close to my subject, so you hopefully feel like you are right there listening to them play like I did!

Barbara Potter

Eight images were used from this session for the vinyl record album and cd cover insert but this image was not chosen by the record label. It was my favorite from the session. My client was taking a break when I noticed the two reflections in the mirrors and got this shot.

“Self Reflections”

This image was shot in my client’s den . . . a very small den, which made it extremely challenging. The original portrait was very colorful. Purple velvet jacket, burgundy chair and peach color walls. But I loved the image more making it into a black and white portrait.

Barbara Potter

My client was filming a music video and wanted me to take a few pictures. We were in a stairwell and the only light I had was a small ring light. It was enough light to be able to create this image. I had her do a hair flip to get her hair in motion to match the vibe of the graffiti.


One of my favorite duos that I have photographed for about 8 years now! This one is the most recent one photographed in my new studio. It is always fun to have a change of scenery and a fun challenge to create fresh content year after year.

Barbara Potter
“Dark Waters”

A twin sister duo who I had the opportunity to photograph in my first commercial studio that I shared in Nashville. This image was featured on the Gretsch website highlighting them for an artist spotlight!

Barbara Potter
“Nik and Sam”

One of my all-time favorite images shot in the high desert near Las Vegas. The day had brought, sunshine, rain, wind, and snow. This was one of the last images of the day and perfect combo of the elements. The sun was on its way down and it peaked through the clouds illuminating the models gown perfectly along with the wind blowing and ultimate “veil toss” of the wispy cape.

Barbara Potter
“Twilight Goddess”

A beautiful sunset kicking off golden hour on a local lake! I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer but add a person in it and it opens all doors for me as photographer! I went through a long phase of shooting in and on that lake!

“Kristen Lake”

Photographed in the woods in Forks, WA. (The town where some of the movie “Twilight” was filmed. Amidst the darkness seek the light!

“Dark Forest”
Barbara Potter

Barbara Potter is an award winning and published photographer based in the Nashville, TN area. After meeting her singer/songwriter husband Ben Potter in 2009, in addition to falling in love him, she fell head over heels with the music scene in Nashville from her very first visit! In 2013 she left her corporate job to pursue a career in photography and eventually moved to Tennessee. Barbara got her start photographing singer/songwriter performances and concerts. This lead to her to creating images for artist’s albums, marketing  and promotional artwork. This style has carried over into other genres of portraiture for her clients. In 2020 she opened a 1700 square foot commercial studio in her new hometown of Smyrna, TN.

She is a two-time winner of the Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Photographer among other awards for her photography. She currently serves as President for the Tennessee Professional Photographer’s Association and is very involved in her community as a member of the Smyrna Rotary Club, Smyrna Independent Merchants Association, Rutherford Chamber of Commerce and Meals on Wheels.

You can find more of her work on her website.

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