September 4, 2020

“Another Shade of Crime” A Podcast by James Hayes

“Another Shade of Crime” A Podcast by James Hayes

How does a man survive 80 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit? What’s the true story about Hurricane Katrina? Why did 9-year-old Asha Degree pack a bag in the middle of a stormy night and disappear? And how did serial killer Samuel Little kill 80 people without the police finding out?

These are the stories you won’t find on other podcasts. The stories that often go unnoticed. The victims that are lost to time.

Producer and Writer James Hayes, Sound Engineer and Co-Producer Liam O’Brien, and Host Carl Ellis Grant will answer these questions in Another Shade of Crime. A monthly true-crime podcast about crimes committed to and by people of color. 

Because crime does not discriminate.

Another Shade of Crime

Episode 1: This is a story about the 1976 trial of Ronnie Long for burglary and rape.  This episode focuses on who Ronnie Long is and how the darkest period of his life began.


Episode 2: In this second episode we focus on Ronnie’s trip to Washington and how it set the stage for his current predicament. Ronnie is given an impossible choice to avoid death. More shocking accusations arise from a mysterious figure. And as we enter an emotional and high stakes criminal trial both sides present a timeline of the events from that fateful night.


We hope that you enjoy the various podcasts that are posted at The Fictional Café. Of course, if these episodes are not to your taste, check in every other week for new audio adventures, Friday at 7pm!

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