June 8, 2016

Announcing the Fictional Café’s Children’s Literature Issue!

Announcing the Fictional Café’s Children’s Literature Issue!

Kids at the Café?! Yep! Next week, we are bringing you a full issue of children’s literature featuring short stories, poetry, art and narrative for and about kids. We are very excited for this issue, which was put together by some of our very own Fictional Café members. They worked hard for months on this issue, so we are happy to be putting it out just in time for summer vacation. So pull up a carpet square and grab a juice box; it’s story time!

On a historical note: with this issue, we are marking a new milestone at the Fictional Café. Our purpose in running this site is to bring people together from all walks of life – whether they are on a different continent, in a different age bracket or of a different gender, race or ethnicity. The Fictional Café is the only cafe where anyone can sit and enjoy great creative work over a cup of joe (or juice!) with someone whom they could wouldn’t otherwise meet in real life. While many other literary magazines and sites try to serve a very niche group, we are just the opposite. Our goal is to give voices to anyone and everyone who’s got a few creative bones in his or her body. This children’s lit issue extends our audience to include people who are 100 days old to 100 years old! Thank you all for following along with us.

— Your Baristas

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