August 20, 2021

“A Bit of Time Travel” by Ben Kempf

“A Bit of Time Travel” by Ben Kempf

Welcome back to Fictional Cafe and “A Bit of Time Travel” by Ben Kempf. What would you do if you had a time machine? Would you use it for something important? Or would you use it to do something a bit trivial or even a bit silly? Join us as we hear the stories of those who’ve traveled through time . . . and the lessons they learned along the way. It’s time for A Bit of Time Travel!

A Bit of Time Travel
The Ostrich and Anchor

“The Ostrich and Anchor

In today’s episode, we’ll hear about how two friends, Tom and Gary, experienced the best night ever in the small town of Greycourt, Alberta . . . and what happened when their co-worker, Melvin Marcus, who didn’t.

A Bit of Time Travel
The Snowball Effect

“The Snowball Effect”

In today’s episode, we’ll hear the story of how Timothy Llewellyn performed Mozart’s Piano Sonata #11 in front of an audience of thousands . . . while trying not to get hit by a snowball. 


Writer/Producer: Ben Kempf

Theme Music: Garrett Vendenberg

Actors: Marc LaPointe, Ben Kempf, J.D. Sutter, Kaley LaPointe, Jared Weichert, and Darby Kern

Music tracks Provided by GermanRecords/Pond5

Music tracks Provided by

A Bit of Time Travel
The Centimorgans in the Crypt

In today’s episode, we’ll follow Leanne Wentworth as she discovers the many secrets that are hidden at the home belonging to her rather peculiar—and mysterious—Uncle Eugene. 


Writer/Producer: Ben Kempf

Episode Music: Benjamin Krispin

Theme Music; Garrett Vandenberg

Actors: Marc LaPointe, Danny LaPointe, Micah Touchet, Peter Fazzari, Glenn Hascall, and Jared Weichert. 

We hope you enjoyed this new audio adventure of “A Bit of Time Travel” by Ben Kempf. If you wish to hear more stories from this creator, you can find more episodes on his Website and iTunes. And as always, if this podcast wasn’t to your taste, we will have a new one on our Audio Arts page, every other week, 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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