June 1, 2015

The New, Improved Fictional Café Has Arrived!

The New, Improved Fictional Café  Has Arrived!

 Here Comes the Sun: A happy, faithful fan of the Fictional Café

Dear Faithful Fans: It was a long, cold lonely winter, but at last we can tell you that our hard work has brought forth the redesigned, completely revamped, Fictional Café! I want to thank Shari Ryan of Author Needs for months and months of demanding [and often frustrating] work to develop our new site. Shari and I have worked together for nearly five years now, and I greatly appreciate her creativity and perspicacity. She’s also an author and you ought to check her out.

Our newest barista, Mike Mavilia, has worked about sixteen times harder on the site than I. He has learned an awful lot about the arcane world of WordPress, teaching me quite a lot in the bargain. Thanks, Mike, for keeping us on point and on schedule.

Jason Brick, our third barista, has worked remotely – and I do mean remotely, from Malaysia – to pull his weight on the revision. He not only kept up with his normal barista duties of reading and commenting on new submissions, but also fixing and refining our social media links.

We publish new work at the outset of each month. June features two excerpts from novelists, some astounding photography, and news about a featured podcast. If you’re a member of the Coffee Club, you get an email notice every time we publish new work.

It’s all for you, Faithful Fans. We are Fictional Café baristas for love, not money. Or, as the French would say, l’art pour l’art. We love your art, regardless of its form, and we love the act of sharing it with others. We do it all for you, whether you are an artist or an aficionado. And because it’s fun. The best way to let us know you like our new and improved Fictional Café, or just express your appreciation, is to join our Coffee Club here.

Yours in creativity,


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