August 5, 2022

“Abigail Branagan Takes the Case”

Happy August Fictional Cafe! In light of school starting soon for some listeners, I thought you’d enjoy a story from someone else in school. Presenting Abigail Branagan Takes the Case, read by Clarissa Dernederlanden. Your favorite middle-school private detective returns with an all-new adventure. A Private Eye has to take the cases she can get, and sometimes that means your clients are just the worst. Or even worse than that, your older brother. Chapter 1, in which old friends come calling and noses are lightly rearranged Chapter 2, in which awkward introductions are made awkwardly. Chapter 3, in which our hero restores her lair to its former grandeur. We hope you enjoyed Abigail Branagan. If you wish to listen to the rest of the story, you can find it on Audible, or Amazon. And of…

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