May 28, 2015

Official Relaunch of The Fictional Café

Official Relaunch of The Fictional Café

On Monday, June 1st, The Fictional Café will be cutting its virtual ribbon to celebrate the relaunch of our site. We welcome you to stop by and celebrate with us!

We will be posting our monthly submissions again in the Member Writing & Art section, as well as blogs in the News, Reviews and Interviews section from each of us baristas commenting on the writing and art world.

Poke around and see what we’ve changed, or if you’re new, explore the wonderful creativity contributed by writers and artists from all over the world. Be sure to check out The Fictional Café on Facebook and Twitter to access exclusive content.

Stop by Monday, June 1st, and share a cuppa creativity with us! We’d love you to write a comment or two on what you see.

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