Jarrett Mazza and Michael Piekny Q&A

At The Fictional Café we love writers and love the written word.  We want to showcase the best contemporary writing and give our subscribers innovative, thought-provoking works across a whole range of art forms.  When it comes to fiction and poetry, every so often one of our Baristas really connects to a certain work and goes the extra mile to help showcase it to our global audience.  This was the case with yesterday’s featured story, Knowing, by Jarrett Mazza.  One of our Editorial Board members, and Fiction Barista, Michael Piekny, really connected with Jarret’s writing and reached out to see whether Jarrett would be interested in working together on a developmental edit of the story.  Jarrett was on board and the two of them worked closely together over several weeks to fine-tune this story of … Continue reading Jarrett Mazza and Michael Piekny Q&A