June 21, 2024

It’s All Been Done Radio Hour

It’s All Been Done Radio Hour

It’s All Been Done Radio Hour, a live scripted comedy show and podcast, was created in 2015. Building on the success of that program, and realizing many in the talented troupe had other gifts to share, creator Jerome Wetzel expanded to the It’s All Been Done Presents network one year later.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, we seek to prove that not all American entertainment must come from the coasts. Instead, the middle of the country can compete in this arena as well, with quality offerings.

To that end, IABD Presents seeks to be your home for podcasts, live theatre, movie and television reviews, written work, and more!

Ex Marks the Spot

Detective Jake Cotton is on, and sometimes in, the case in this noir spoof.

It's All Been Done

Chapter 1

Dame Judy Bench asks her ex-boyfriend, private eye Jake Cotton, to find her missing pet leopard, Spot.

It's All Been Done

Chapter 2

Jake questions Cordelia Bench’s butler and ex-boyfriend.

It's All Been Done

Chapter 3

Jake goes down to the docks and ends up in stocks.

Want to listen to more episodes? Check out the website or take in a live show.

We perform one Saturday every month (usually the 2nd Saturday) at Boxland, located at:

6155 Huntley Rd. Ste J
Columbus, OH 43229

A live stream ticket is available for purchase. It is truly LIVE, and you must tune in during the actual live performance to stream. Recorded performances are available to Patreon donors (link below).

Shows are about ninety minutes long and usually contain four different programs. Content is rated PG-13.

Past streaming live shows and raw audio from unreleased performances are available to donors at Patreon.com/IABD

And if this isn’t to your fancy, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We have new episodes every other Friday, 7 PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

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