February 23, 2024

Dungeons and Damsels by Unchained Productions

Dungeons and Damsels by Unchained Productions

Dungeons & Damsels is a medieval fantasy sword and sorcery audio drama series by Unchained Productions. Episodes are stand-alone short stories of different characters throughout the same fantasy world. (Since each episode is very short, I’m posting several of them)

In the Nurmi region, tavern entertainer Tarin uses magic to create illusions to tell his stories for coin, and finds he unwittingly auditioned for a different kind of gig.  

Tavern server from Sylvanwood, Skeyo tells her companions at campfire how she discovered her innate talent reveals to her unexpected things, and brings unexpected danger.

Running errands for a peculiar lord in Gardur, Tuntemus takes an unexpected journey into a strange realm.

In a mountain monastery in remote Luostari, an acolyte of The Discipline is presented with a seemingly impossible challenge. And its solution, the young monk finds, is almost equally improbable!

In the river region of Eorde, Vatija is engaged to find a lost soul in the border wood. What she finds is far more a problem.

Written and performed by David Ian; Sound Engineering by Dino De Aelfweald; Sound Design by David Ian; Theme by Ron Perovich; Music by Marc Rose; Medieval Music by Jonny Easton.

We hope you enjoyed these episodes of Dungeons and Damsels by Unchained Productions if you want to check out more, follow the link to Spotify. And if this fantasy audio adventure doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out our Audio Arts Page at Fictional Cafe. We have new episodes every other week, Friday, 7 PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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