September 19, 2017

Introducing Natalie Rodriguez, Our Video Barista

Introducing  Natalie Rodriguez, Our Video Barista

I’m very pleased to introduce Natalie Rodriguez, a Los Angeles-based video artist, who is joining us as our video barista. Natalie has contributed her work to the Fictional Café in the past. We were impressed not only with her passion for writing, directing and producing video and film works, but with her artistic expression in a social context.

Natalie is committed to raising consciousness about issues of mental health, psychotherapy, and grieving. She is currently seeking financial support to make a documentary film entitled “The Extraordinary Ordinary,” focusing on the mental health issues of young people that affect one out of four, most of them college age. Her first contribution to FC was “The Scars of Our Lives,” a subject-themed trailer for this feature-length film. It can be viewed here.

To me, Natalie’s work exemplifies the truest expression of higher art: to raise consciousness using an expressive media. Such expression transcends the artificial boundaries of fiction or nonfiction, because the best stories are always about people. Natalie has shown her gift and talent for doing just that, and here is one of her short films, “Howard Original,” as proof. [Due to its size and our limited bandwidth, we must ask you to click on the link to watch it on YouTube.] Click here to watch “Howard Original.”

Natalie will not just be sharing some of her work, but also that of other film and video artists in her creative circles. If you make videos, we encourage you to submit them for Natalie and the rest of us baristas to consider.

We’re especially pleased to welcome Natalie and the visual arts to the FC [and by the way, I can vouch that she is a serious coffee-drinker] and look forward to her adding interesting works from other auteurs alongside the other art forms we currently publish.

Welcome, Natalie!

Jack B. Rochester

Founding Barista and Editor-in-Chief

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